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We are a leadership and mindset company that helps leaders, teams and organisations make the world a better place by leading with love and serving with purpose.

We love helping you be Always Better than Yesterday through the power of your leadership, mindset and culture. 



We believe that leadership is the secret to making the world a better place. 

We are inspired to help develop the types of leaders who will put their own needs to one side to serve others.  

We believe in developing the types of leaders who lead with love, who serve with purpose, who unite and connect their teams to a vision, who create safe spaces for trust, belonging and innovation and who create a culture where continuous improvement is at the heart of what they do.

We will help your leadership team be even better purpose driven servant leaders.

We will also help train and develop your new and emerging leadership talent. 



At ABTY, we help leaders, teams and organisations communicate from the inside out and that means we focus heavily on the INNER GAME. 

What we mean by the INNER GAME is getting clear on who you are,  what you stand for, what you are amazing at and most importantly, WHY you do what you do. 

We have interviewed and coached enough people to know wholeheartedly that how you THINK, will inform the way in which you ACT and ultimately the RESULTS you will get.

We will help you develop a positive mindset that helps you continually learn and push your comfort zone.

The ABTY mindset toolkit will help you and your team become high performers.



We all have heard the quote "culture eats strategy for breakfast" by Peter Drucker. 

Well it's true. A leader's prime responsibility is the culture of the team or organisation. 

The culture of an organisation is defined not by what leaders say it is, or even hope it is, it is defined by HOW things are actually done. Actions and behaviours. 

We help develop purpose driven values based cultures where love, trust, connection, learning, innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of what you do. 



High performance will be the result of developing the mindset of your people, developing your leadership and embedding an Always Better than Yesterday culture.

Performance is simply, how well things are done. When everyone in your organisation is focused on improvement, then you can say you have a high performing, Always Better than Yesterday culture.

We help executives develop and bring to life their performance strategy. We do this by gaining clarity on your strategic objectives and how to measure progress against these objectives. 

We help you communicate to your people what is important and WHY so that there is a culture of ownership and accountability. 

We help you embed the appropriate governance structures to be able to monitor progress against these objectives and lastly, we help you develop the reporting tools and dashboards that provide you valuable insight and aid your decision making. 


Our founder

Ryan Hartley

Our founder, Ryan Hartley, is the heart and mind behind Always Better than Yesterday. He shows up every day in an effort to make the world a better place, for one person, team, organisation and community at a time. 

One interaction at a time.

Ryan is the epitome of what it means to be a coach. He helps get the best out of everyone around him. He is a Leadership & Mindset Coach, the leader of WE ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN YESTERDAY  the worldwide Facebook personal development community, Podcast Host and Public Speaker.

From a young age, Ryan was fascinated with psychology and had a real desire to help people. It is no surprise then that he embarked on a 12 year career within the Police Service working in a variety of operational  and Organisational Development leadership roles eventually leaving the service while operating at executive level.

Ryan is a real student of people, leadership and culture and uses what he learns to great effect to help others be even better.

He has felt the pain of judgment, scrutiny and blame. He's not felt good enough and experienced imposter syndrome on many occasions. He's felt alienated and like he doesn't belong. He's felt like he had to change to fit in or fulfil expectations. 

It wasn't until he became a Father for the first time in 2012 that he learned the true meaning of leadership. To put your own needs to one-side to serve others. He has learned through experience what it means to be a loving leader, who is courageous, authentic and purposeful.

Since discovering his own purpose, he has gone on to help over 100 people and teams discover theirs. He has been featured on multiple podcasts and invited to speak at events. He has helped thousands of people all round the world be Always Better than Yesterday and is a true testament to what is possible when you lead with love and serve with purpose.


ABTY has a company page on LinkedIN. Be sure to connect with us there and please do recommend us to someone in your network who you think would benefit from our service. 

How we can help you be ABTY


Leadership Coaching

We will not only help your leaders be even better which will make your team and company even better, we will help them develop the next generation of leaders too. 

Delivery: 1:1 programmes or group coaching with your developing Leadership Development cohort.

Contact us and we will tailor our coaching to your needs. 

Leadership Training

We will increase your leadership capability and the impact your company has  on the world by training your leaders to lead with love and serve with purpose.

This will specifically help your new and developing leaders. The training programme helps you to lead yourself, lead others and leave a legacy. 

Delivery: You would enrol your new and developing leaders on a 3 part programme to be delivered in one week or spread out over the year.

Contact us to help us tailor our service to your specific needs. 

Mindset Coaching

We help you and your people use your mindsets to think positively, to develop confidence, personal well-being, personal leadership, communication, personal and professional development.

Delivery: 1:1 programmes or through Full or Half day training sessions tailored to the topic of your need.

Mindset Training

We would help train your people how to develop and use their mindset in a positive way that will not only help them at work but when they return home. This will help with confidence, engagement, retention, well-being, resilience and increase your workforce capability. 

Delivery: a range of Full / Half day workshops or talks based on topics tailored to your specific needs. 


We offer WHY workshops to help you get clear on your purpose and to start living it. 

We then help you turn your values from words on a wall or screensaver into meaning and action, helping you drive a values based, purpose driven culture where being Always Better than Yesterday is at the heart of who you are. 

Delivery: Consultation and Full or Half day workshops 


We help you turn vision, purpose and values into a meaningful strategy, with clear priorities, actions and timescales, ensuring there is cohesion, clarity, ownership and accountability across the leadership team. 

Delivery: Consultation and Full  day workshop


We help you develop the strategic clarity, the culture, the governance and the reporting tools to help you monitor progress against your objectives, make informed decisions and sustain your high performance. 

Delivery: Consultancy


WHY workshop with European Marketing Team

WHY workshop with European Marketing Team

WHY workshop with European Marketing Team


"Ryan is a wise, inspiring coach with the life experience, compassion and emotional intelligence to guide you through virtually anything. Ryan provided my team with a bespoke training session on discovering their "WHY" bringing greater clarity and purpose to our actions as a marketing team so we could better serve our customers" - Deryn Gilbey, North Europe Marketing Lead

Coaching confident leadership

WHY workshop with European Marketing Team

WHY workshop with European Marketing Team


"I can't thank Ryan enough. Not only is he an amazing coach who makes you accountable for your own progress but he truly cares and supports you in and out of your sessions. Ryan is committed and show true heart when helping you develop. After having coaching with Ryan I feel more confident to lead MY way, I understand my values and how they link to both my professional and personal life." - Sophie Wallace, Senior HR Manager 

Mindset Speaking Event

WHY workshop with European Marketing Team

Mindset Speaking Event


"The awesome Ryan Hartley kicked off the event with a fascinating insight into how to be ‘Always Better Than Yesterday’. Providing the audience with an awesome toolkit of phenomenal strategies that have guided him on his own journey, Ryan shared his own experiences that have resulted in him developing his mindset and being able to show up every single day and give his best, regardless of what he is facing." - Craig McHugh, Founder of Living Your Learning and the 'Mind Yourself' Event

Leadership Development

Paralympic Gold Mindset

Mindset Speaking Event


"Ryan is an amazing person. Always dedicated to give and serve others with all his heart. He truly believes in people and that shows in everything he does. Aiming to be always better than yesterday and inspiring others to be better themselves, he is a great leader and inspiration. Ryan has made me grow so much both as a person and a leader and for that I'm forever grateful." - Anna Sandborn, Executive Coach and founder of Mpire Coaching

Podcast Guest

Paralympic Gold Mindset

Paralympic Gold Mindset


"Ryan is GENUINE and TRULY cares about the people he serves. He asks profound questions and has a gift for bringing connection to every conversation." - Heather Parady, Unconventional Leaders Founder and Podcast Host

Paralympic Gold Mindset

Paralympic Gold Mindset

Paralympic Gold Mindset


"Ryan is an incredible person always able to ask the right questions when then promote the correct answers!" - Stephanie Millward MBE, Paralympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

Speaking on the WHY blog podcast

From one Leadership Coach to Another

From one Leadership Coach to Another


"Through our conversations and seeing his presence on social, Ryan is one of the most authentic and genuine humans I know. We live halfway across the world from each other and i'd trust him with my life. Ryan has an uncanny ability to lift others up and in the process makes the world a better place." - Luke Frazier, Co-Founder & Director of Depression2Extinction and host of the WHY blog podcast

From one Leadership Coach to Another

From one Leadership Coach to Another

From one Leadership Coach to Another


"If you are looking for an individual who will not only help you improve in all aspects of business, leadership and life, look no farther than Ryan Hartley. He has built an amazing community that reflects his love for others and his mission of helping others be Always Better than Yesterday." - Jonathan Darling, Leadership Coach and Speaker

Just a Thought...

From one Leadership Coach to Another

Just a Thought...


"Ryan is without doubt one of the most positive and authentic guys i've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. His vision and mindset stretch far beyond the everyday surface levels of encouragement. You can hear the sincerity in his voice and that is because he genuinely care. A selfless soul is a rarity to find in today's world." - David A. Volpe, Author of Just a Thought

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