Helping you lead with love and serve with purpose

Helping you lead with love and serve with purpose

Helping you lead with love and serve with purposeHelping you lead with love and serve with purpose
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ABTY: Master Heart & Mind

We are a group of people here to provide you the leadership support, development, LOVE and accountability you need to help with your personal and professional growth. 

Why Master Heart & Mind?

It's more than that...

When I first had the idea for this concept, people would say "so it's like a mastermind?" My response would always be "well sorta", but deep down I knew it was more than that. 

Driving home from the gym I got total clarity. 

It's a Master Heart & Mind!

Yes it includes amazing thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs  etc. who are doing great things around the world... but this group of people are different. 

They lead with love. They believe in serving others. They give more than they take. They rise by helping others rise. 

It is this love, belonging and connection, a community that has that family feel, bonded by this sense of being Always Better than Yesterday, that provides the safety to be truly vulnerable and open to experiencing true transformational growth personally and in business.


Being a high performing Leader you will have experienced...


You're called to do great things, but which one first?

You know your purpose, which has helped you see many opportunities. With a feeling of `opportunity overwhelm` you don't know where to start or don't execute on your ideas like you do when you're taking purposeful action.

You're so busy developing others, you need to find time to develop yourself

You have a thirst for knowledge and self development but are finding it hard to fit in high quality learning that will help take you to the next level because you are flat out serving others. 

You're playing too small

You know you're doing well, but are you doing the absolute best you can? You know you are capable of more and would benefit from a pull from other incredible leaders to help you show up even better. 

You're going it alone

You've been leading, having the vision, the strategy and the execution, making decisions daily, being courageous, showing up, keeping yourself accountable for so long that you could really benefit from having people in your corner that genuinely want to help you win . 

You have untapped potential

You don't have anyone in your corner to push you when you know you are capable of giving it that 1% more every day. Imagine you, 1% better everyday, consistently for the next year. What would that mean to you?

The cost of exclusive coaching

You know that coaching is really powerful and would benefit you but you struggle to justify the high costs of exclusive one to one coaching. 

The benefits of ABTY: Master heart & Mind


You will be surrounded by inspiring and successful purpose-driven leaders. They will want you to win and will share their knowledge, skills and experience to help you. 


This group of people will keep you accountable to your word, your goals and your potential because they LOVE tough. 


Trusting relationships will naturally lead to opportunities for business and collaboration. 


By focusing on your goals, who you want to be and the business you want to develop, you will see consistent growth that will spill into other areas of your life and increase the positive impact you have.


With the insights learned from many experienced professionals, your solutions will be better informed, have a deeper perspective on what works well and will likely be more effective as a result. 


The more you focus on the progress that you and others are making, the more you will be inspired and motivated to keep showing up, pushing yourself to achieve more, become more and help others

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About RYAN


Who leads the Master Heart & Mind?

Ryan Hartley is a Leadership and Mindset coach from Wiltshire, England. 

He helps people lead with love and serve with purpose and believes the impact of the leaders he helps develop will create a world that is Always Better than Yesterday, one person, one team and one community at a time. 

Ryan has developed his Always Better than Yesterday community to reach all corners of the world, with his podcast being listened to in 66 countries.

By creating this ABTY Master Heart & Mind, Ryan will do everything he can to serve the members, who all mean a great deal to him. 

He is a proven leader and knows what it takes to draw the best out of people. He is going to help this group of people grow together and bring to life the phrase "we rise by lifting others".

Leading with love and serving with purpose. Always. 

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