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MIndset Matters.

We know this because far too many people are struggling mentally, whether we know this because people openly talk about their anxiety or depression, or tragically when it is too late and as we have seen in the local and national community, people decide to end their lives.

Something has to be done to help people and that is why we are creating this event. To help our local community from the inside out. Helping people just like you, develop a positive mindset, belong to a community and to grow.

This monthly event is for you. Your self care. Your mindset. Your well-being. Your family. Your community.

You see, a better you is a better you for everyone you come in to contact with.

So please take time for you at the start of each month. Come to this event. Learn something new that can help you. Be inspired by the stories of the people you meet. Be proud of yourself. Take some time to reflect on the month gone by and think about the month ahead. Make friends and connections. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. Give love.

The event is hosted at the incredible space that is Emmanuel's Yard, Trowbridge.

The event is tailored to help your mental wellbeing, provide you a place to belong and the inspiration and motivation to grow.

We are all familiar with the fact that going to the gym creates physical health and strength.

It is my vision that coming to this event every month will help you develop the mental strength and character to be happier, more confident and more resilient for when those challenges of life inevitably come our way.

The structure of the event will include;

  • Tea and coffee on arrival
  • Mindset tips / training
  • Guest speaker
  • Time for reflection / goal setting

Community connection is not forced or "manufactured" but gently encouraged.

At ABTY we are very passionate about leaving a legacy that impacts far beyond the people in the room. Especially the next generation.

I would like to encourage you to bring your children aged between 12 and 17 to this event (for free). I really value simplicity and there will be nothing in these events they won't be able to take from it. I've worked in primary schools... trust me, they get this stuff. It's just us as adults that have over complicated it!

There's so much pressure on young people today. Please do bring them along as I know this will help them navigate the world just that bit better.

There is plenty of parking available in the town, the closest being Lovemead Car Park, Trowbridge, BA14 8EA.

Please do bring a friend. Share this experience together. Grow together.

Because Mindset Matters.

Much love


Always Better than Yesterday